2005 has been and gone

Woosh, that was 2005! How scary! I feel like years have taken a cue from Chocolate manufacturers i.e if you can’t put the price up then make the product smaller or shorter!
In my ironic tribute to TV (even though I don’t actually have one) I will attempt to do a ‘best of 2005’ thing here!
It’s been a good blogging year with some more youth ministry/youth work blogs appearing. My favourite new blog in this arena was from Marko, it’s provided some profound thought and laugh out loud moments! All the blogs on the blogroll have contributed to Youth work/Church/ministry debate though and it’s been a blast …. I’m also really chuffed that the number of people who comment has grown, I love the dialogue that develops. Thanks 🙂
Most profound blogging occurance was being in TSK’s seminar at Greenbelt on The Spirituality of Blogging which was incredibly useful, wise AND a chance to meet bloggers who I only knew by their tags. Cool! TSKs bloggers prayer is genius AND an important challenge!
One of the reasons that I blog is so that there’s actually a record of stuff I’ve come across. Before the blog I used to find stuff and think, “Oh I must remember that!” and then promptly forget it. I still forget stuff but at least I can find it again now 🙂
I’ve had a trawl through Youthblog 2005 and here’s my fav’ bits!
1. Someone asked, “How do you know you are called to youth ministry?” which I thought was a great question. The thinking and discussion happened here.
2. The biggest source of hits on youthblog for a while was around names for youth groups? This entry and the resulting comments/entries still gets dug up loads.
3. Calvin and Hobbes are regular “contributors” to the blog and this fusion of Calvinism and Calvin’s love of snow made me laugh!
4. The whole “Emerging shed” silliness was great fun and it made me laugh hugely that progress on the shed I was building was being watched via the web. Even funnier though was that I emerged number 1 on google if you wanted to know about Creosote substitute! True! (although I’ve now slipped to number 2!)
5. 2005 was the year when branding young people as “hoodies” really seemed to take hold. It’s been good to see various stuff challenging this unhelpful stigmatising and condemming of young people. Articles here and here. Final word to FYT who are doing the most to challenge media attitudes to young people!

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