Youth workers, the 17th emergency service

Had a weird and scary experience tonight. I was on my way to meet up with a youth worker (sorry I never made it) before going onto Youth club BUT my plans were put on hold.
A LARGE 4×4 tuned right into the road I was about to exit, in doing so it drove straight across the path of an oncoming vehicle …. and then in a weird kind of slow motion I watched a horrific crash as the car slammed into the 4×4. The car span through 180 degrees and the 4×4 slid round and into my car (although it had practically come to a stand still by the time it made contact with my Astra).
It’s one of the times when I wasn’t sure whether I was glad to be first aid trained or wishing I wasn’t as I got out to see what I could do for the car passengers. I was expecting to encounter major injuries but unbelievably, thanks to air bags and the fact that it was a big car, both the occupants were able to walk away although in a VERY shaky manner.
Lots of standing around, talking to Police and that kind of stuff.
One lady said to me, “You seem quite calm about it all?”
“Well,” I said, “I’m a Youthworker!”
Actually feel kind of shaky now but it makes me laugh that I was able to do a positive piece of marketing for our profession in the midst of the chaos.

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  1. good to know you ok – hope the shock does not hit at later time.
    maybe worth doing a post on lifts for yp and insurance – now there is an idea, are we adequately insured?

  2. Glad everybody walked away – looks nasty from the pictures. On the subject of insurance, it is worth making sure you are covered. Beth’s insurance had to be changed to allow her to carry pupils for something last year (was an occasion when I was glad of having broker to talk to). Basically *some* insurance companies regard taking young people whether as a volunteer or paid youth worker as being work related, so you need coverage for business usage. Others aren’t so fussy, but unfortunately they’re not consistent.

  3. …which reminds me:
    An early draft of the diocesan child protection policy required drivers to have comprehensive insurance (as opposed to third party cheapie insurance). I think that has been dropped for the published version, but I think its still in the little green ‘idiots guide’ insert at the back.
    Obviously, we need to be adequately insured, but anybody any ideas why/if it should be comprehensive, since:
    a) we aren’t letting the YP drive our cars.
    b) fully comp isn’t going to stop them flying through the window if we do have an accident.
    Or am I just being dense here?

  4. Ian glad to hear you ok, My understanding of the insurance issue would suggest that fully comp/third party should make no odds, this is concerning whether or not the car is insured, passengers should be in either policy, if an insurance company started claiming that the policy didn’t cover passengers I think they would get in a lot of trouble. As for business use, if you are an employed youthworker and take young people in your car you should definitely have business use, you are carrying young people as a part of your business, even if not taking young people in the car the chances are some of your mileage is for your business, probably best way to work that out is do you ever claim mileage allowance? If so you do travel for your work! As for volunteers I can’t help there sorry.

  5. Likewise pleased to hear you’re ok. I’ve been on First aid requalification course all day (as you know!) and it seems that I’ve seen the most “action” since we all got our certificates three years ago. One woman had actually used CPR so that trumped me slightly but I had certainly dealt with more incidents than anyone else!!! only 17th? what are the others then??? Does Emergency Latin Translator come higher??!!

  6. That’s odd Sarah – I just did my refresher first aid course too and I’d seen the most action too – no one else had done anything while I’d had concussions, falling through glass doors and near amputations to mention just a few of the excitements that Youth work has to offer!

  7. Glad everyone was okay – car accidents are horrible, I was involved in one which should by rights have killed me about 5 years ago; I guess God had other ideas on that subject!
    To add to the insurance debate:
    a) business use. Since most insurance companies offer business use for little or no extra money (so long as you do less than 8000 business miles per year), it seems sensible to add it to your policy – that way you *know* you’re good.
    b) volunteers. A few years back, CYFA advised us that the YPs were covered, but that we should inform the insurance company that we would be driving them places (a letter sufficed).

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