To stay or not to stay? (that is a question!)

Am driving down to Eastbourne for the Yoof wurk Conference on Saturday but have just noticed that the £40 for being a day delegate (weird word, ‘delegate’?) only allows you to participate up until 5pm! I can’t decide whether to invest a further £9 to attend the evening stuff? Decisions Decisions, I’ve not experienced this pay-as-you-view approach to conferencing before! Ho Hum, don’t want to fuel what is already a bit of a conference over-indulgence this year, but don’t want to miss key stuff.
yes no.jpg
To stay or not to stay: that is the question!
whether it’s nobler in the mind to suffer
slings and arrows (having heard you missed a GREAT session)
or to take arms and pay the extra roubles
And then by staying (and it being naff) To die, To Sleep

Excuse me, I’ve had one of those weeks (already)