The case of the vanishing Power Point

pc chop.jpg Things seem to be going Perennially Pear-shaped at the moment. I was teaching a module on the Local Ministry course tonight and had put together a session on Youth Evangelism that revolved around a Power Point presentation. Fired up the lap-top and found that said presentation was conspicuous in its absence as was several gigabytes of other stuff … gone, not there …. completely absent! As I’ve often said,
If you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t have joined!”
I switched to plan ‘B’ which was in fact, think of a new plan!
Actually I really enjoyed the evening. We explored exisiting models of youth evangelism then looked at where young people are at culturally then critiqued existing models and explored new ones. The discussion then flowed into Ecclesiology and some fab observations emerged. At least two of the bods are going to buy Hirsch and Frost as a result of our exploration of Church and Mission.
Encouraging evening (but I’d still like all my computer documents back!)

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  1. When reading the headline I thought the post was about less Power Point presentations in church services. So there’s no backup? Hope you can get the documents back.
    This is the second time I see you writing “Pear-shaped”, something I’ve never heard before. Better tell my english teachers that they missed something. But now I’ve looked it up and can tell myself that I’ve learned a new word today.

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