Now that’s what I call pear shaped

I have a heavy heart this morning. Last night at the youth club on a local estate where I do a placement, things went PEAR-shaped! We ended up having to call the police to clear the building and I’m wondering where we go from here. We’ve built relationships with the young people for 6 months, we have a good and positive team who like the young people BUT none of that made any difference last night!
C’est La youthwork! But to quote the Commander Taggart from Galaxy Quest,
Never give up, Never surrender!

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  1. Ian, I have one venue where I take the bus where it gets close to calling the police every now and then, some of the young people have been threatened with ASBO’s by the police, Last time we were there the police happened to be patrolling the village and so popped on to say hello. It ended up being one of the best evenings we have had there, I think because they knew that actually we do work with local authorities and it brought about an awareness, it will be interesting to see what impact it has next time we are there. But I shall be praying and lets hope that having had to do it once will get the message across that you won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour, sometimes just that one incident can open things up and make a huge difference!

  2. You are not alone in this – this week on Monday, three schools that our youth minister works in (plus YFC) all kicked off to such an extent that lessons were cancelled and schools almost shut. There seems to be a wide-spread unrest, I can’t help but think that perhaps God is getting somewhere with these kids, and the Devil doesn’t like it.
    Hang in there, we will pray, pray for all our schools and youth workers for protection and safety.

  3. It’s moments like those that attach your sense of competence and worth in this industry.
    Never give up – despite what we tell ouselves!
    (By the way, the link you have to my blog (which I really really appreciate) is no longer active. If you have time you might want to change it to

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement 🙂 Much appreciated. I’ll be back there on Friday for drop-in so will look forward to some chats with the young people then.
    (Paul ….I have updated the blog-roll with the new URL)

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