Moorlands, Gap and One Year courses

In response to an invitation, I headed down South yesterday to talk with Moorlands College about young-leaders and training. Now it doesn’t take much to impress me I admit but I was well chuffed with the welcome. On the wall behind the reception was one of those funky red and gold hotel conference type notice boards and ……..
welcome ian.jpg
The other thing that impressed me is that all the tutors I met were passionate and enthusiastic about their subjects and courses, the place had a real buzz.
My time there was spent in discussion about discipleship and training for young leaders. It was good to be able to share experience, best practice and good examples. Obviously part of the reason for being there was to discover what they can offer and whether any of it could be useful to Oxford Diocese (and beyond). Moorlands offer 3 different 1 year courses, they all look really good from a training, learning and experience point of view but there’s one which could be a real assett to anyone running gap year projects.
They run e-livate (in fact pronounced el-ivate), Ace-lerate (in fact pronounced accelerate) and a Foundation Year (bizarrely it’s pronounced as it reads!)
E-livate is a distance and residential learning package that could really add value to a gap year placement. It provides learning in the areas of self, bible/theology and missiology. It’s delivered as two residentials and then distance learning/portfolio. I can think of projects that have gap-year-bods but are patchy in providing input and I can think of Churches that offer a gap-year-placment but struggle to “add value” to the offer to make the position attractive. I reckon E-livate could be great for these!

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  1. Did you go in for lunch and get to pray around the tables with out of date info-sheets about people like me and Simo?
    I do miss it, in a strange sort of way.

  2. Dave, I had a great roast lunch but as it was tutor group day I didn’t have to pray from the “out of date” info sheets (and the ones where students have been slightly silly e.g, “our three children Huey, Luey and Dewey” ) It would have been great to pray for your international mission to make the church laugh and for Simo’s bus ministry!

  3. It has to be said having spent 4 years at the institution before they let me out, of which my fist was as the first group to do the initial foundation year PIA course. The place is great and like Dave I miss it, I would highly recommend it as a place to train especially for those who want further training but struggle with the whole academic thing, the support I received finding out during my time there that I had reasonably bad dyslexia and having left school at the earliest opportunity so not being used to study was superb and really helped.

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