Monday Splurgathon

SleepWhenDead.jpg The weekend, as ever, flashed by! Spent Saturday in Wales visiting relatives which was fun, got to ride a 250cc trials bike again which rocked, first time I’ve managed to get air on the motor-bike …… so coooooool!
On Sunday I was at a meeting with Scripture Union then at a youth group in Olney, great fun. Towards the end of the session they played a great game. Everyone formed a circle round a chair and gripped onto each others hands/wrists tightly! The rules: If anyone came into contact with the chair they were ‘out!’ What followed was a hilarious test of strength, agility (and sometimes conspiracy) as the group eliminated people one by one as they hit the chair.
Spent a bit of time on Google Print which is FANTASTIC! If you are looking for a book or books on a subject this is THE place to go, it’s not finished yet but the list is way beyond impressive! If the book is out of copyright you can read most of it, if it’s still copyright you can read the ‘contents’ and the like to see if it’s relevent.
Christmas is already annoying me: The run down into a crass orgy of consumptive tackiness has begun in earnest! I highly recommend Present Aid! Presents that make a difference to people who actually need ‘stuff’ Oh and while you are on the Christian Aid site you can download their Christmas Pack with some great ideas in.
Oh and making me laugh this morning. Marko’s encounter with this particular church and it’s Carpet First Aid Kit! Nice
Here endeth the weekly splurge, go in peace to minister unto youth, catch up with thine admin and drinketh coffee. Amen