Just another Splurgic Monday

‘Well it’s just another Splurgic Monday, wish it was ___________ * (enter your day off here) ‘cos that’s my fun-day, my I don’t have to preach day, it’s just another Splurgic Monday!’
Greetings and welcome to the weekly string of contextless links and html hot tips.
finger point.jpg First of all …. a laugh, you have to check this out on Vintage Faith. It’s a complaint that has been phoned through to a Church (with tremendous grace and humility) But someone somwehere has used it as a sample and made a mix of it. Wasn’t sure whether to link to it or not, but here it is! Enjoy Talking of blogs I rather liked this idea on YSMarko for a five line you! (Could have some procrastination mileage).
My list of Youth work/ministry conference for ’06/’07 is coming together but I can’t find details of the Baptist Youth work convention, Lee Abbey dates or IASYM 2007. Anyone?
Crusaders have their holiday brochure out and I guess CYFA and SU/Runton should be out this week …. It’s the right time to be encouraging people to think about a Camp next summer AND especially some of the older teens’ applying to be ‘junior’ leaders.
And finally, Ken asked me to remind you about his resourcing page! Job done

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  1. The Youth Specialists Conference for Baptists is 28-30 June. And I was born at West Runton – didn’t realise it was a Scripture Union camp! I wasn’t born at the camp, you realise….

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