Fusion Training day

Here’s a big plug!
And here’s another one. On November 26th Fusion are running a training day in Thame. If you are interested in youth and community work that can impact a whole community then YOU NEED TO BE THERE! I am hugely impressed with these guys and what they’ve achieved.
Pre-registration is essential. More details here or send them an e-mail.

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  1. is this going to be relevant for those of use who are old hands at the youth work lark or is it a training thing for new peeps?

  2. As one of the organisers of the day we are working at making sure people with all levels of experience are catered for. If you are already doing Youth work, I reckon (a good Aussie expression there!)you will be challenged and hopefully encouraged, by the practical and down to earth approach we have to Youth and Community work. We hope that some of the programs that are working well in OZ may well make a difference here, namely our Breakouts and Youth Cafes. In Oz we were recognised by the government in New South Wales as the most effective model of Youth Work and funded accordingly.
    At a community level I think you will be encourged/challenged to hear stories of locals taking hold of Festivals, giving it a real English feel (especially festivals on National Days like St Georges Day.) We will have people up on the day telling stories of how they have done it in their local communities in our local area. It is a good story, cause it’s of ordinary people giving it their best shot to make a difference…
    We hope the day will challenge people to consider different ways of working – working with all the Churches and people of good will in their community to ensure that young people are at the centre of the community and not marginalised.
    Happy to answer any other questions about the day. We sure don’t expect to be making money on the day, at £7 for the day including lunch I don’t think we budgeted that well! Ahh well… all part of the learning!
    And that, he says, completes my first blog! It’s not that hard eh? Sure miss that automatic spell checker!

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