Eastbourne and Youthwork THE conference

I’m heading down to Eastbourne for the day on Saturday to Youthwork the conference! I’ll be a complete Norman-No-Mates so if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee then drop me an e-mail and we’ll arrange something. I’m always up for a chat!
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Oh and on the conference theme, I’ve booked in for the Spirituality Is Forum at Sarum! Who is else is going?

3 Replies to “Eastbourne and Youthwork THE conference”

  1. Hey Ian, I shall be there in the same “no mates” situation, although I visited one of my youth workers today and there is a vauge possiblity we might meet up – other than that I am there primarily to blag resources from the market place. So up for a coffee (If I am in a suit it is because I am getting “commissioned” at Diocesan Synod at 10am on Saturday morning).

  2. Ali,
    That’s great, I look forward to seeing you. A suit though? Maybe I should also ditch the standard youth work issue Hoody and smarten up? …. nah

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