Confused of Oxford

confused.jpg On of the lesser known spiritual gifts that becomes highly developed in Diocesan Youth Advisers is “Confusion!” I have definitely discerned this gift developing and the role is excellent at nurturing it.
Recently I’ve been very confused about Pregnancy!
Youthwork ‘Y’ let me know that she is pregnant! All straight forward so far and communication is going well (Parishes often forget to tell me stuff like they’re taking on a youth worker or details that affect their worker). Next stage of the story is that someone contacted me and came to the office and asked for information about legal issues surrounding ‘maternity leave’ as their youthworker was preganant!
“Ah, youthworker ‘Y’ I reply, I know about that!”
“NO,” comes the response, “Youthworker ‘H’
Slightly flumoxed that that the number of Diocesan Youth Workers who are in-the-family-way has just doubled, I sort out the required paperwork.
This morning I took a phone call asking about how a Church can recruit a sessional youth worker to cover a particular evening because their youthworker is going on maternity leave!
Ah, yes” I say, “but can’t it be covered by the team and the CYM student?” (Having discovered randomly that Youth worker ‘H’ has a student working at their church!)
“We don’t have a CYM student,” was the response!
“But I remember ‘H’ telling me,” I protest.
“But our youthworker is not ‘H’ …. she’s ‘R!'”
No wonder I get confused. So the situation is that about 10% of the youthworkers in the Diocese are currently pregnant! Bizarre but true. If any other Diocesan youth workers are expecting a baby please can they tell me so I can work on the gift of ‘knowledge’ Thank you!

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  1. You already know and for obvious reasons (I hope) it’s not me pregnant but as a reminder and just in case anyone asks you about paternity leave as well were expecting in March!

  2. goodness! There not even that many female youth workers around – and I’m not pregnant so…. process of elimintion… hum….
    (notice how I’m more interested in the gossip than the paperwork side of it)

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