Back from being at Bartz

stbartz1.jpg Apologies for lack of blogging but I was down in the depths of darkest Sussex on a residential with other Diocesan Youth bods. The venue was St Bartz which is a very cool centre to take the youth group to. It’s a converted Church and it has been turned into a well equipped, very cosy and nicely appointed centre that sleeps up to 28 people! If you are in that part of the world then I recommend it as highly as I recommend Woolhope Cockshoot to those who can get to Herefordshire.
It was great to spend time with the DYO’s who are a passionate, fun and eclectic bunch of Christians who have a BIG heart for young people and a calling to make a difference in and through the church.
pusey 2.jpg We had a really useful theological reflection on Discipleship and Leadership. On Day two that discussion flowed into a look at Discipleship in the context of ethnic young people. Dean Pusey presented a helpful critique that contained both the inspirational and the ‘ouch’ as we faced up to how little we (as the church) reflect and enable diversity.
As well as some useful theological insights I also discovered that I may have a snoring problem! It’s only a suspicion but all the guys in my dorm have started calling me Darth Vadar.

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  1. Snoring huh? Well I remember the female leaders at Yellow Braces hearing some snoring coming through the walls – as well as mine INSIDE *blush*!! :o(

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