And here once again, The Monday Splurge

hohum sign.jpg The Monday splurge has happened four times now so in Anglican terms it is firmly routed in tradition! Dearly Beloved, welcome to the Monday Splurge ……..
It’s quiet out there in Youth Ministry blogdom (too quiet!) and I’m debating whether I have to cull some links from the blog-roll? In the mean time here’s the goss’ The Connect Conference for (Christian) Youth Work trainers will be on 31st Jan until the 1st Feb at Swanick. The two Youthwork conference’s have just finished and they are inviting feedback. The 2006 conference(s) will again be in November and themed, “Infinite Possibilities – Reimagining mission to the digital generation!” [On my to-do list is to prepare a comprehensive conference list for ’06/’07 so pleeeez e-mail me any obscure ones you’ve come across … failing that, make one up :-)]
Locally: Next Saturday is the training day from FUSION, hope to see you there. For Berkshire Bods, Newbury St Nix & Thatcham Baptist are putting on a youth service on the 17th December at Speen Church, more details when I get them. Let me know other stuff!
This week on the blog I plan to write some stuff around confirmation that I’ve been mulling over!
I started off the splurge via ‘tradition’ .. I’ve just remembered a cool talk a few years back from Steve Gaukroger on the importance and dangers of tradition. He polarised the good and the bad stuff as:
Tradition: The living faith of the dead
Traditionalism: The dead faith of the living

Your homework for today is to go through the forthcoming Christmas programme and mark things as ‘tradition’ or ‘traditionalism’