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I’ve now moved the blog-roll to the right hand side bar of the main page which I hope will make it more useful. There was a secondary reason for this also, When the blog is viewed on Firefox the right hand column ceases-to-be below the last piece of text ….. and looks a bit ‘pants’ so it seemed a short term answer to extend the text a bit. (anyone know what piece of code Firefox is interpreting as a cue to end the column?). I’m getting the hang of some html now, so far it’s only the ligiustic equivilent of ordering a beer and finding a hotel but it’s a start. I’m still somewhat flumoxed by major template changes and even trackbacks confuse me. I’m using Bloglines but we tend to just nod and smile at each other as I can never get it to do quite what I want or in fact to stop doing what I don’t want.
The encouraging news though is that despite my inept grasp of codes and templates nearly 20,000 people called in to say Hi in the last 12 months (although some of these were falsely lured in hoping for serious shed related content) and I’m quite chuffed with that! In a bizzare bit of encouragement I’ve been given a Worthy Website mention from a Chistian site in Sweeden?
I’m now going to play with the template …… eeeek!

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  1. I have the reverse problem, the blog comes up fine in Firefox, but almost randomly shunts the right hand column down below the postings on IE…

  2. The Firefox / sidebar being cut short thing could be to do with the size value of the table. When you draw up a table, you can specify it’s height in either pixels or percent. It could be that, in the absence of this instruction, Firefox is making the cell as big as it needs to be, and no bigger. I’d have thought that would apply to the whole table, not just individual cells. Does padding it out with blank lines at the end force them to be the same size?
    Only problem I have is in getting to see my own posts in Firefox – something to do with cache sizes I think – so I always post from IE.

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