Vertigo event

Just got back from the Vertigo event in Oxfordshire. An event aimed to get christian teens together from across the denominations for encouragement, worship, teaching, fun and challenge. There were about 400 there in total and there was a fantastic vibe. I was too busy in the cafe to give a really acurate report of how the evening went …. I hope to gather some opinions over the next couple of days. It’s been a wonderful event to be part off with so many people from so many denominations really catching a Vision of what Vertigo could mean. Vertigo 2 is possibly going to be on Feb 2nd (Watch this blog or the Vertigo site)
The Cafe team were awesome (Thanks everyone) and even wore their uniform …. The theme of the event was VERTIGO don’t look down look up which then linked in with Hebrews 12. The cafe team all had green T shirts bearing “CAFE TEAM: Vertigo Don’t Look Down, Wash up!” (yes it was my idea?!!)
Anyway I’m ABSOLUTELY shattered. Have a look at the web page in the next couple of days for a fuller match report and pictures (there’ll also be a video of the event)
Additional: Web page now has more on it and we’ve received some encouraging feedback from some of the teens: For example,
“I was at Vertigo last night and it was probably the best youth event that I’ve ever been to. I was just amazed by Lanky’s talk – it was amazing and thought-provoking and I think it might just have made my friend turn to Jesus. The songs were amazing. Martin… the worship leader…really shone that night. It was awesome to see so many people praising God… (and) the atmosphere was so friendly. I love being a Christian! Thank you so much…tell all the guys who were involved in Vertigo that I thank them deep from the bottom of my heart.”