The weekly splurge

Preached at a ‘Youth Service’ in Twyford. Great fun and I love being part of a worship service that is creative and passionate. The theme was “Jesus: Trick or Treat” which I though was quite a neat tie up with Halloween so I used John 10 and “life to the full” contrasted with the “thief coming to steal and destroy”
Reluctant Souls is a blog collective and community worth calling in at.
EasyRew flagged up this Youth of Today report which has some great quotes.
Kathryn has had a quality rant about St Paul’s “House of God!”
The Youth Ministry Forum de-bunks the U.S statistic that Youth Pastors only last 18 months … I’d struggled to believe the figure anyway but it cropped up a lot.
(btw anyone got any UK stats?)
There’s been a few e-mail type discussions recently that will no doubt lead to blog posts soon.
a) Ethics in youth ministry regrading proclamation/conversion.
b) The practice of confirmation & confirmation preparation in the UK.

(If you’ve got some useful pointers on stuff to read, let me know)
and finally …..
Whenever I’ve been at the water flumes with a youth group there has been much discussion on how to obtain the maximum speed. Up ’til now I’ve gone with it being the shoulders and heels technique but this is a whole new level:
cresta splash.jpg

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  1. A couple of years ago at a seminar run by amaze they also quoted 18 months, this was based on the churches who took on uni/A level leavers who could be employed as “cheap labour” by churches, they didn’t have any relevant training or much experience and suffered burn out and left youth work for good!

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