6 Replies to “Super Vicar”

  1. scary vicar!
    What’s the sword for? Any guy claiming its “to represent the sword of truth” rather than “cos it looks coool” is kidding himself! ;oP

  2. I tried to use the software to make a superhero Youthworker Bloke but it proved impossible as there was no goatee available under the beard options 🙂

  3. Just had immense fun designing a youth worker – with multiple arms, bat ears, purple camouflage, pink rollerboots and a large grey wolf as a companion!! Hurrah more ways to avoid doing the finances….

  4. Interesting… Of the three posts this morning, village youth work attracts no comments (yet), de-churched regulars attracts nothing, but super-vicar has three comments already!
    I think we’ve found our level guys 🙂

  5. Yes! It’s good to see my avatar getting a re-run. What can I say? The hairline is an accurate (-ish) self-portrait. The music is: definitely not me singing. The sword is (depending whether or not I’m reporting to the Bish) the sword of the Spirit which is the word of truth, or (otherwise) for smiting anyone who displeases me mightily.
    I have a well-behaved congregation… Usually.

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