Splurge …….

Off to hear Tom wylie (top bod at the NYA) tonight speaking about the government green paper “Youth Matters” and the voluntary sector ….. will endeavour to take notes for the benefit of all three Youthblog readers.
I’ve been sent a link for a company called Projected Games, they claim they are “the new innovation, bringing your youth closer together in an interactive, team-playing environment!” Sounds good but I’ve not really fully grasped it yet. Check it out and let me know eh.
I led some worship this week and used stuff from The Book of Uncommon Prayer …. highly recommended.
There’s a great little piece on dealing with difficult people here, a useful reminder from the bods at MMI.
Next Vertigo is scheduled for the 4th Feb. OH and AM HUGELY ENCOURAGED today as someone sent in a gift of £1000 for Youth work in the Diocese. Am thinking/praying about how this should best be used. Cool huh?
Lastly …… I am challenged by this quote I found on Katie’s Blog:
“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that didn’t really matter!”

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  1. Does that make me reader number three???
    Kinda feel I should change my name to Phil G
    *endeavours not to do Bruces sketch from Monty Python*

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