Soul Net Youth Leader conference

Soul Survivor are putting on another of their Soul Net conferences for Youth Leaders. The date is the 3rd-5th February 2006 and the venue is at Centre Parcs (Elveden Forest). Sadly I’ll not be able to go as it clashes with ‘VERTIGO II’ but I’ve been in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it.
As a format it has a lot going for it, veeeeerry cool to be at Centre Parcs (have a splashing time) and the chalet accomodation works well. Much as I enjoy Youthwork the conference it is much harder to get to know other youth workers as you are scattered all over town. By comparison Soul Net throws you into community with other youth workers and this element of ‘chalet life’ was a real blessing on the previous Soul Net conferences. I found that we invested time in sharing stories, cooking together and looking out for each other even though we’d not known each other before arriving at the Chalet on the Friday evening.
In terms of content …. if you dig Soul Survivor you’ll love the conference. The approach is far more about spiritual refreshment than ‘professional’ input but that’s fine by me! Enjoy
OOOH and a little fringe bonus that I discovered. Once you’ve been to Centre Parcs you get a discount if you go again. As a result of being there with Soul Net I managed to book a weekend for the family the following year because of the discount. Nice