Nostalgia, it’s not what it used to be!

I’ve been at a residential all weekend and have had an absolute blast! It had all the usual elements, walks, fun, conversation, food, malarky, in-jokes, mad games and the like but as a youth work event it was 20 years past it’s sell-by-date, but even better as a result. The six of us on this weekend had all been in the same Christian Youth group as teenagers and developed a great friendship. Historically, a key event in the life of that group was the annual residential at Woolhope Cockshoot.
Woolhope lads way old.jpg

Way back in the 1980’s

A few years ago I realised that being as we lived in different parts of the country, had demanding jobs and the like, we very rarely saw each other. So the plan was hatched to have a weekend away and for reasons of practicality, cost and nostalgia ….. we decided to go back to Woolhope Cockshoot.
This is the sixth such weekend we’ve done now and although we have weird “where have 20 years gone?” type moments, it’s awesome to celebrate that connection with the past and enjoy how much our friendship, faith and life experiences have grown.
Woolhope lads group small.jpg

Way back to this weekend!

Like all “youth” weekends, none of the stories, jokes and events would probably translate that well or make any sense to those not there. However I thought it was worth flagging up as it’s awesome to think, as you look at YOUR group, the work you are doing may open up friendships to young people that will last a lifetime! How cool is that?