JAM Magazine

JAM.jpg I was quite excited when I was told that someone from JAM magazine was on the phone for me … I had high hopes of being asked to review a new Strawberry Conserve or to comment intelligently? on the legitimacy of mixed fruit jams! It turns out though that JAM magazine is a Christian Mag for 13-19 year olds that exists for two different reasons:
a) a resource to enable, equip and empower Christian young people to share their Faith with their mates.
b) as a resource for youth leaders / workers & teachers to connect with non Christian youngsters in a contemporary, credible & tangible way.

Good stuff eh? I’ve seen the mag and like the content/layout and I had a good chat with Peter (editor) who was keen to get some feedback as well as to promote the magazine. He’s very kindly said that if you e-mail him and include the code word “Oxford” he’ll send you a free copy! cool huh? (Then you can buy some).
Here endeth the plug. I shall now work on an article for the mag about my relish, as a Christian, of fine Conserves. I’m going to call it “Spirit of the Fruit”