Inspiring youth workers continued ….

oscar.jpg I touched briefly on a question I’d asked , who are the youth workers that had inspired us as youth workers or into becoming youth workers. Roy (see comment) was curious to know who people had cited as inspirational. I rattled off an e-mail saying that although Mike Pilivachi and Mike Yaconelli had featured, five of the eight respondees had named a youth worker known mainly to them (usually their youth worker when they were teens). Roy and I were both encouraged by this ……. that inspiration had come through relationship.

“As one person I cannot change the world

but I can change the world for one person”
In response to this, as a learning and discussion opportunity. The question is, were you inspired by a local youth worker or a national figure? and, What about them inspired/influenced you?

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  1. For me I think my primary inspiration and influence in youth work came from Dave Green (DYO St Albans before that in Norwich) as I grew up in a rural parish and the youth workers were my parents (although they were great!). Also Ian Savory the then director of Norwich Youth For Christ. Both of these men encouraged me and inspired me. Let me take this opportunity to thank them for that!

  2. the people that inspire me tend to be people that i’ve got to know, either by reading biographies etc. or through spending time with them. there’s got to be something about actually knowing the person, knowing the good stuff and the not so good stuff. i’m thinking relationship….

  3. It’s Mike Yaconelli for me too. I think anyone serious about Youth Ministry must read his brilliant book ‘The 9 Core Principles of Youth ministry’. I’m about to buy each member of my management group a copy in the hope they understand my work better. I met Mike at a YFC conference a few years ago & really enjoyed his company, his storytelling, his relationship with God not to mention his humour. All of which he shared unselfishly. I’m still gutted that he left earth for heaven before writing a million more books on Youth Ministry but will always be grateful for him, Youth Specialties and the fact I’m sure he’s now able to ask God all the questions he had on his list to ask – and that God is cracking up with laughter with him.

  4. For me, it was Phil from the church in the next village. He was a self-employed carpenter, with an extended front room that looked like a building site, where we used to meet.
    He ran youth club, fellowship group and youth bible study – and much to his annoyance his wife held the alternative youth group in the kitchen. Both had a real heart for young people and for God and an open house.
    He later went for the JNC (before it was popular), but to my great shame I helped him get a better paid job as a building contractor – thus robbing the world of a great youth worker.
    I think that going into youth work myself is some kind of penance.

  5. The youth workers when I was growing up were influential/inspirational to me – through my teens and beyond, as I’ve been involved in the youth work in the church I grew up in.
    A lot of inspiration also came from the CYFA venture I went to – young people didn’t really have much of an active role in my church at the time (things have thankfully changed!), so the venture gave me an opportunity to see lots of people my own age worshipping together and being really in to it all.

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