Inspiring Youth Workers

Met with the CYM small group that I’m tutor for yesterday which I really enjoyed. It feels like they’re going to be an interesting, committed and fun group to be part of. Yesterday was a good start as we began to look at ‘Task and Process’ in group work, as well as getting to know each other a little. One of the questions I asked was,
“Who is a Youth work inspiration to you and why?”
Some really interesting answers that included national figures as well as youth workers known primarily to individual students. One of the group cited Mike Yaconelli as his ‘hero’ youth worker but the rest of the group hadn’t heard of him, I guess they’re a whole new generation of youth workers.
We then explored what skills/attributes/attitudes we are aiming to build into our practice that we’d observed in our ‘inspirational’ youth workers. Good discussion and got me thinking …..

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  1. they must all read ‘Dangerous Wonder’. The first book i ever read when starting in youth work. One of the only books i’ve actually read twice.

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