Creosote numero uno, oh yeah

cresosote subs.jpg Long term readers of Youthblog will know that while building my workshop I blogged a [tongue in cheek] commentary of my experiences as a pioneer in the emerging shed movement. One of the more bizarre side-effects of this was how the blog rose through the ranks of Google as an authority on Creosote substitute! but there was much frustration, at the time, that I never made it past number 3 in the listings.
Anyway, one of this weekend’s jobs is to treat the fence so I thought I’d re-visit Google on the nitty gritty of wood preservatives. Much to my delight, Youthblog is now 1 and 2 on google if you want to know about Creosote Substitute! LOL!
The web is a strange strange place and althouth the blog’s contribution to Youth ministry is small, the fact that it is seen as the World’s greatest authority on a specific timber treatment feels good 🙂
(Stll laughing …… )

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