Another monday splurge

Greetings Bertherin and Sisterin and welcome to another Youthblog Splurge:
1. Alton Towers 06 will be on May 20th, if you like your Christian events big loud and scary click here.
2. FeminYM (A look Youth Ministry by Venusians) now has it’s first major post up and poses an important question about whether models of Youth Ministry are male constructs!
3. On November 8th I’m taking some youth workers to see a residential centre in Herefordshire (Woolhope Cockshoot) … dya want to come along?
4. I’m going to Youthwork the conference for a day on Nov 19th. I’ll be trucking from Newbury, M4, M329, M3 etc if anyone wants a lift.
5. After some work on the template, Youthblog now looks the wasp’s nipples in Firefox. Weirdly though in some versions of I.E the right hand column is missing? If that affects you please let me know.

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