And on the desk today ….

thinker.jpg Stuff I’ve read this morning which may (or indeed not) interest you ……. enjoy:
CTE have developed a training course for young leaders based around four residential weekends. It’s called Ducamus (sounds like a strange alliance of a Star Wars bad guy and a musketeer). Check out the pilot flyer. Download file
Jonny Baker has put up the pdf of Pete Ward’s critique of Practicing Passion and Kenda Creasey Dean’s response. Well worth reading these two awesome youth ministry intellects in discussion.
Spectrum have an Newsletter out. It doesn’t seem to be on their web site but hopefully reading the site will fill you in!
Lastly is “The Boiler Room Rule” which although still technically a work in process is well worth reading. The six practices are awesome to apply to any youth ministry. Download file

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