A call for respect

ANNOYED.jpg I was speaking at a Deanery Synod yesterday evening and talked about societies negative attitudes to young people …. something that frustrates me. I gave a few examples of the anti-youth sentiment that peppers media and community. Flicking through the paper today I see that Prince Philip, when asked about whether the DofE Award was still relevent after 50 years, is quoted as saying,
“The point is that young people are the same as they always were – they are just as ignorant”

Grrrrrrrr! I get so frustrated with the calls for a return to “respect” that is usually levelled at young people, when that respect is not extended to them. And while I’m ranting about this I’m also frustrated that the current Government waves flags about the need for respect ……. unless it’s someone who disagrees with them (82 year old hecklers being a case in point).
OOOOpppps that was all a bit ranty and unlike me but hey ho. The point is that calling for respect from young people is pointless if it’s not a value that society and ESPECIALLY those in power can enshrine and demonstrate themselves. It’s all a bit reminiscent of the Conservative campaign on morals (Back to Basics) that as it turned out was thought out by several promminent MP’s from their mistresses beds!

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  1. Not something I am prone to but just for once I am going to jump to the defence of a Royal. Having seen bits of the interview on tele I have to say that it was a very positive thing and Prince Philip was in a jocular mood therefore in this instance I would hazard a guess that this remark was taken out of context as is the wont of certain representatives of the media

  2. Thanks for that Diana, I appreciate my rants being kept accountable. I was tempted to remove the post in light of the perspective that you brought but if it is what he said (and I’m trying to find out more) I’m still not sure that being jocular totally excuses the underlying attitude? The context was of a celebration of 50 years of DofE, an organisation committed to building opportunity and self esteem for young people …… branding them ignorant, even in jest, seems very wrong to me as well as being at odds with the empowerment of young people that DofE should represent. Open to thoughts on this …….

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