The weekly splurge

Preached at a ‘Youth Service’ in Twyford. Great fun and I love being part of a worship service that is creative and passionate. The theme was “Jesus: Trick or Treat” which I though was quite a neat tie up with Halloween so I used John 10 and “life to the full” contrasted with the “thief coming to steal and destroy”
Reluctant Souls is a blog collective and community worth calling in at.
EasyRew flagged up this Youth of Today report which has some great quotes.
Kathryn has had a quality rant about St Paul’s “House of God!”
The Youth Ministry Forum de-bunks the U.S statistic that Youth Pastors only last 18 months … I’d struggled to believe the figure anyway but it cropped up a lot.
(btw anyone got any UK stats?)
There’s been a few e-mail type discussions recently that will no doubt lead to blog posts soon.
a) Ethics in youth ministry regrading proclamation/conversion.
b) The practice of confirmation & confirmation preparation in the UK.

(If you’ve got some useful pointers on stuff to read, let me know)
and finally …..
Whenever I’ve been at the water flumes with a youth group there has been much discussion on how to obtain the maximum speed. Up ’til now I’ve gone with it being the shoulders and heels technique but this is a whole new level:
cresta splash.jpg

Soul Net Youth Leader conference

Soul Survivor are putting on another of their Soul Net conferences for Youth Leaders. The date is the 3rd-5th February 2006 and the venue is at Centre Parcs (Elveden Forest). Sadly I’ll not be able to go as it clashes with ‘VERTIGO II’ but I’ve been in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it.
As a format it has a lot going for it, veeeeerry cool to be at Centre Parcs (have a splashing time) and the chalet accomodation works well. Much as I enjoy Youthwork the conference it is much harder to get to know other youth workers as you are scattered all over town. By comparison Soul Net throws you into community with other youth workers and this element of ‘chalet life’ was a real blessing on the previous Soul Net conferences. I found that we invested time in sharing stories, cooking together and looking out for each other even though we’d not known each other before arriving at the Chalet on the Friday evening.
In terms of content …. if you dig Soul Survivor you’ll love the conference. The approach is far more about spiritual refreshment than ‘professional’ input but that’s fine by me! Enjoy
OOOH and a little fringe bonus that I discovered. Once you’ve been to Centre Parcs you get a discount if you go again. As a result of being there with Soul Net I managed to book a weekend for the family the following year because of the discount. Nice

YFC ‘Youth Worker Wanted’ Ripon N Yorks

Having had a great e-mail from Ripon YFC I said I’d put their search for a p/t youth worker on the blog. I’ve not seen the terms and conditions etc but I’ll pop the advert below and you can ask about that stuff if the job sounds like your mug of tea.

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Youth Workers BOG-OF

How’s this for a fabulous offer? The Church Times are offering a ‘Buy one get one free’ offer on all Youth Vacancies! I initially thought that you got a youth worker free but I’ve worked out now that it just refers to the adverts! I guess it means that you could put a serious advert in but add a really silly one for free! Suggestions welcome ……

Youth Church ….. a questionned idea

Had an e-mail that I am now posting below. I thought it would be a cool question to open out to the collective IQ of the Youth Ministry Blogworld ….

“so tell me what you think about a Youth Church. We are an inner city ministry to teens. Many are spiritually hungry and respond to the gospel message. Our efforts to bring a large group of teen without families into any church has not been successful. Most churches are not equipped or care to minister to a group of energetic at risk youth without parents. After some years in this particular setting, we have the opportunity to puchase an old church in our neighborhood”