Why do we do this?

I’m part of the team at a Statutory Youth Club once a week. Last night we had a good session …. numbers were good, several of the young people that we have worked with over the summer seemed to have really developed and become more a part of things than railing against them. We got a badminton competiton going, one worker did some great discussion stuff based on a questionaire, Hamma beads mats were being created. Fab!
For some reason they kicked off completely in the last fifteen minutes. Some of them becoming abusive, obstructive and a major handful. Hey ho, chaos central!
One of the workers was left asking
Why do we do this?”
I’m hoping to catch up with him this week to chat it through but it left interesting questions for me as to the differences and the similarities between Christian based youth work and its statutory cousin!
But the “Why do we do this?” moments as an emotionally exhausted response is common to both statutory and faith based workers when the work is with challenging young people.
It throws us back to our motivation, our hope and our belief that we can help young people. I reckon it’s Faith thats the key.
Faith that we can make a difference
Faith that the young person can grow and develop
But most of all
Faith that God is in the buiness of change, growth, grace and love, Faith that with God all things are possible.
There is no such thing as difficult person
just difficult behaviour
” Pip Wilson
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  1. Have you thought that they might have kicked off due to the great group coming to an end and they don’t want that to happen, like the idea of someone being counselled might bring up a major issue near the end of a session. E.g. this group is great, outside is not so great, so lets make this group into what we are going into, so it’s never seen as being the best thing. So maybe you need to think about addressing that issue rather than why do we do it?

  2. “Faith that God is in the business of change, growth, grace and love”
    in regard to the email i sent you about two minutes ago:
    Thank you!

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