The Tower of Bible

It took me nine months to read the Bible cover to cover during which time Leviticus nearly finished me off completely! Now there’s a Bible you can read it under two hours! The hundred hours Bible. Cool (I think) although it will add to an art installation in progress here, The tower of Bible
The Christian Book Shops came to see the tower of Bible that publishers were building. The Publishers said, “Come, let us confuse and add to their choice so they will not understand what translation to read!” And the transaltions were scattered all over the book shelves of Christians around the world and people became confused and didn’t understand.
There will come a time when people will re-discover the Good News Bible sayeth Youthblog with its groovy pictures that aideth understanding and readability. From Stokes Poges to the ends of the Earth people will read the word and all the people who sayeth only the KJV is of God will finally admit that “Verily” they don’t actually understand the exoteric archaiac language therein.

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  1. See also The Reduced Shakespeare Company ( who do an acted version of the entire Bible which takes only a few hours to perform…

  2. I like the KJV, whats so wrong with it?, i wonder if we were to go round how many versions youthblog readers would have betwee them?

  3. I would also like to say that I feel as a dyslexic that to call a bible the ‘100 minute Bible’ to me is almost offensive, I know I could not read it that fast, but the title almost implies that I am therefore a lesser person? maybe this is me just being overly sensitive and hanging onto my past school day criticisms, I just feel that to say this can be done in such a time is almost discriminatory against those who can’t. Am I just an insecure nutter who needs to just live with it?

  4. Ian i was only seeing if it would get sarah going again, personaly whilst it sounds nice when read trying to understand it is not always the easiest task

  5. where can I get one of these 100 minute Bibles? I want to give it to my dyslexic husband and time him…
    oh and my 14+ group recently tried adding the KJV to their collection of Bibles that they read when doing group Bible study – and gave up pretty quickly.

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