Still more “No Sex”

The final episode is on Tuesday and it’ll be great to see how it all pans out. There’s been some encouraging stuff written in the blogosphere and I’ve been fascinated by some of the comments left (including messages for Dan n Rachel). You can find these here, here and here!
Roy has flagged up the chance to comment directly to the BBC which would be well worth doing ….. especially as at the moment there has been more negative than positive feedback, I wonder how much is legitimate criticism and how much is anti-Christian type sentiment? If you felt it was a valuable programme then it would be good to share that with the bods at the BBC.
I am probably going to go to one of the Romance academy leader training days …. plan to sign up for 14th Jan 2006 in Birmingham.
ADDITIONAL: LICC are having another of their pop culture evenings on October 3rd. Among the guests and discussion subjects will be Dan & Rachel talking about the series/project. Details from the LICC website.