Racial Justice Sunday

I had the privilege of being at such a cooool event last night. It’s difficult to describe but it was called “Love Justice” and took place at the uber funky St Laurence Church in Reading. It was a kind of celebration, challenge, concert around Christian justice. St Laurence focuses on work with young people and so the hosting of this event meant it already had great energy as well as being a fantastic venue.
There was an art exhibition, various organisations and a number of bands/artists and a cafe. In-between each act someone would briefly explain their work or campaign and some of the artists were connected with those, Ben Okafor for example was very much part of the Coalition against Child Soldiers and had experienced being a serving soldier at 14. It was a powerful evening and great fun (good combo I thought)
I don’t know the names of the Hip Hop acts but enjoyed them, loved this line and the way it came across:
Dream of the hour
when the sweetness of God
will sweeten all the sour

Ben Okafor was brilliant and he’s a seriously cool guy and an awesome musician.
Highlight of the evening for me was a Ska band playing worship songs (How often to you get invited to Skank along with worship?), they were called Sounds of Salvation and I definitely want to catch these guys again!

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  1. Hey man,
    Glad you enjoyed Sunday night…i’m not sure I’ve ever heard our church described as “uber funky” before, but I like it.
    The two hip-hop acts didn’t really have names – they were just pulled together in the week before the even from kids in the church, and a few local people we know. That lyric was from my housemate so I’ll pass on the encouragement!
    And sounds of salvation were absolute quality you’re right!

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