Provision for Young People

thermom.jpg YPN has the stats on spending per head in 2003/4. These are the youth service budgets for that area divided by the number of 13-19 year olds.
Oxfordshire was £64
Buckinghamshire was £87
West Berkshire was £99

I would love it if we were able to produce similar figures for the contribution of the voluntary sector. Actually we’d need two figures, a) actual investment per young person and b) what the total spending would be if all the voluntary work was chargeable.
Looking at Bucks for instance, the Anglican Church have 13 employed youth workers. It’s probably not unreasonable to estimate at least another 12 in other denominations. At a conservative estimate of these projects at £27.5k per year, that adds another £16 per young person. Bearing in mind this is only christian employed youth workers then I can see how the figures could REALLY stack up if we had a way of working out stats with other organisations, volunteers, community projects et al.

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  1. Estimate of 12 other denominations is certainly fair. We have 3 just in High Wycombe. Add to that four year out students in Wycombe and you’re nearly there!

  2. Just to be slightly more nerdy about this (I used to be a Management Accountant sadly), the statutory sector has volunteers also (although, by definition, fewer than the voluntary sector), so for parity, we would have to add in what their volunteers would cost if employed as well.
    Also, of course, whereas the statutory provision is theoretically for everyone, the voluntary sector provision is patchy (though growing). So under the actual figures per yp, we should reflect the fact that where employed church youth workers exist the spending per yp is considerably higher than £16 per yp (but zilch, where funded projects don’t yet exist).
    Bean count ends.

  3. Ray,
    May need to pick your brains again as you clearly see data in a more informed light than my “C” in maths will ever allow. I have been thinking about volunteers though who give time to the statutory sector ….. I’m not sure than makes them in anyway less a part of volunteer contribution, it merely indicates where they give their time.
    Tim, Figure for Surrey is £100 BUT with an asterix alongside it raising doubts about the data.

  4. When looking at calculations of total budget divided by number of YPs, you need to bear in mind that not all the YPs counted actually partake in this youth work. It would be interesting to see figures of total spend divided by number of members of youth clubs/groups/organisations…

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