No Sex please, episode 1

I didn’t see the first episode of “No Sex Please we’re Teenagers” last night as I’m trapped at Swanick conference centre (escape plan being hatched though).
A colleague has recorded it for me though and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Richard has written a helpful and thought provoking review and I guess there’ll be more thoughts posted during the day across youth ministry blogdom ….. I sincerely hope so as I have to write an article on it for the Diocesan Newspaper and need all the help I can get 🙂

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  1. Likewise, I’ve videoed it, but too exhausted after church meeting and youth service meeting last night to watch yet. Actually, I probably could have vegged out in front of it. Maybe tonight.
    Richard’s review was in depth and interesting. It points up to me that inviting the media into your work is very much a two edged sword.
    On the one hand, Christian principles are making headline news and provoking thought – and *hopefully* the Christian attitude and professionalism of the youth workers is held up to the light and not found wanting.
    On the other hand, the weird sub-cultural aspects of church life and any disasterous slips are also held up to the light and potentially rebound on the rest of us.
    Still haven’t seen episode one, so those are just hypothetical thoughts that occur.

  2. You can find my thoughts here
    Looking forward to the rest of the series. It’s good to see BBC2 making some intelligent christian focused programming (I’m thinking of the monastry series before the summer as another example)

  3. Thanks for the feedback from my posting.
    Definitely an interesting show, and certainly seems to have provoked a lot of discussion across blogdom…
    Any chance that you could do us a copy of your recording, about 20 minutes in Beth and me realised that it would be a really good show to use with our Youth Group!

  4. Hi there,
    It’s Dan, the youth worker from No Sex Please We’re Teenagers. Its great to see that your comments are positive already. In the next 2 programmes you will some amazing things and I will look forward to seeing your comments. I hope your own youth work is going well.

  5. Dan,
    I was really hoping you’d get in touch, thanks so much for leaving a comment! The search engines having been really going nuts with searches for you and Rachel!
    Prayers and thoughts are with you …. Profound respect for a gutsy project, hope the “limelight” is not too oppressive!
    Every blessing

  6. Just taken a look at the site – a good deal of background including bios of the young people, and a diary from the leaders. Gives some spoilers for the next two programmes though…

  7. I found this programme intelligent and thought provoking – what a great shame that BBC Wales has chosen not to show it! We had to go ‘searching’ on the Digital Satellite box to find BBC England.
    Much respect to Dan and Rachael, you’ve obviously done a fantastic job with the kids concerned, and this programme has allowed some enlightening and meaningful discussion to take place in this two-teenage-daughter family!

  8. This was such an encouraging documentary! Rather sad to see it come to and end! It’s awesome to see that this (Romance Academy) can really work. And to see young people near my age (I’m 19) establishing values and finding out that saving sex really does make sense from every perspective. I hope to see Romance Academy grow and circulate throughout the UK. Good stuff!

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