Moments of Youthworkerism

Managed to hit one of the young people in the face with a Basket ball last night (during a game I should add), no permanent damage but a slightly enlarged lip. Funniest thing was I think he was more distressed by the two sided official accident form we then had to fill in than he was by the injury! Hey ho

4 Replies to “Moments of Youthworkerism”

  1. We had a kid go through a plate-glass window and burst into tears, not because he was hurt but because he was worried that the club would be closed because of the damage! 🙂

  2. Ah yes… One of those great moments, when a game is going sooo well, then it all goes into slow motion as a teenager gets flattened, you have the sick realisation that it was you that (accidentally) did the flattening and your whole career flashes before your eyes.

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