Modifications to Youthblog

Well I’ve decided to go on blogging for a while as I still enjoy it and I continue to learn a lot through the comments and interaction that youthblog generates. I am however having unwelcome advances from the evil cave dwellers of Spam-alot and so Trackbacks and Comments are having to be switched off if they are over a week old 🙁 Apologies for this if it stifles any debate.
I’m also having problems with people using pictures from the site on their own pages but using my site as the host so it’s the bandwidth here that takes the cost. Some of the pictures actually have had several thousand hits even though none of these involved a visit to my site. Grrrrrrrrr! I’m having to trawl through the archives and delete pictures at the moment (apologies if you come across an entry that has a blue square rather than a picture). Rant over!

3 Replies to “Modifications to Youthblog”

  1. I neat trick when you come across someone sourcing your image is to change the image to one that reads “This image has been stolen from another site” or similer – this will hopefully shame the offenders into copying a picture to their server if they want to use it.

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