Health and Safety

I found this picture on Planet Telex of a school fund raiser! Before you get excited about this as an idea you need to know that it nearly killed the teacher involved!
Duct tape.jpg
Never under-estimate the benefit of a proper risk assesment!
On the radio was a report about a fire in a theatre which was caused by a member of the cast knocking over a candle. Ordinarily that wouldn’t have been a problem BUT the entire set in this experimental production was made of paper bags!
Todays equations
Risk assesment = good
Duct tape + person + wall = bad
Candles + paper bags = very bad
I hope the above equations have not runined too many pieces of alternative worship for Sunday 🙂

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  1. don’t hate ian, i actually use this as an initiative game with kids. team them up, give them one or two rolls of tape with the instructions of seeing how long they can suspend a member of their team to the wall. it’s always a winner, but yes, the amount of tape doesn’t get nearly this close to insane

  2. heh heh heh, yeah…
    you’re right gavin, it is all about assessing risks and making sure that people are safe and that you’ve got backup plans.
    we once made a flying fox out of rope, a pully and a piece of metal, we tied the rope to the top of the hall and to a doorknob below… that was bad risk assessment, and funnily enough it was the pully and metal rod that broke, not the knob…
    in other cases phone booth crams have been banned due to a number of them exploding and injuring people and chubby bunny, once a famed youth group game now is feared because of choking incidents…
    ahhhh the old days have gone by…

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