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One of the things that I do as the Diocesan Youth Adviser is host a “Network” meeting for the Church employed Youth workers in the Diocese. My theory is that Church based youth workers are the only people who actually understand the role (made more complicated by the army of people (congregation, PCC & vicars) who think they do and have wildy specific but differing ideas of how the job should be done and results that SHOULD be delivered) and so it’s good to get together for encouragment, prayer, sharing the good and the bad stuff and to have some fun. This is great in theory but it is impossible to find a venue, agenda, location, day that will make 40 diverse youth workers/ministers all say “YES!” The Network meetings therefore are different every time and in a different place in the hope that over the course of the year most workers will have been to at least one! The other difficulty is that if it’s too serious (heavy training type input) some will not come while conversely if fun is the agenda there are others who feel they cannot justify the time! Hey Ho ….. we’re all different!
So yesterdays gathering of the serve of youth ministers (I decided “serve” would be a good collective noun but I’m open to better suggestions) saw the agenda thus:
Welcome and Coffee (Vaguely serious)
Punting (fun!)
Lunch (seriously good fun)
Prayer (serious-ish)
Simo punts web.jpg
There was a good turnout and I was really pleased that some of the new CYM students also came. It felt to me like it was a fun day that led into some supportive/encouraging conversations and prayer.
Simon(n) and Doc Hamilton have written their observations.

5 Replies to “Full Timers Network”

  1. I also give permission to use the back of my head.
    But I feel that Simo (sic) should be airbrushed out on principle, as the photo does not show him getting 10 feet out into the water before handing over to Sarah for the remainder of the outward journey!
    However, it was a great day’s networking, thanks.

  2. Sarah technically speaking Yvonne pressed the shutter so owns the copyright on the image, therefore you should have gained her permission before posting the pictures on your blog.
    Great day thought thanks Ian, I would still like to point out that my contribution may have been small but without it we would have just sat by the bank for an hour, (I suppose we would then have been back on time!)
    PS Simon(n)?

  3. Simo are you now complaining about getting an extra N?? There really is no pleasing you!
    Your contribution was a positive widow’s mite of the day – we would not have done what we did without it!

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