Faith does breed charity

Fascinating article by Roy Hattersley in yesterdays Guardian in which he, as an athiest, looks at the response to Katrina, then explores why faith groups are at the forefront of relief work. He considers his own position intellectually superior but admits that it’s faith that makes people admirable.
Civilised people do not believe that drug addiction and male prostitution offend against divine ordinance. But those who do are the men and women most willing to change the fetid bandages, replace the sodden sleeping bags and – probably most difficult of all – argue, without a trace of impatience, that the time has come for some serious medical treatment
Filing this as encouraging! Read the full article.
While I’m flagging up interesting articles, this piece on the iphone is interesting. It looks at why, in this case, previous innovation has made innovation untennable.
It has got me reflecting on how you maintain innovation/risk et al in Church or Youth ministry approaches to mission. What is it that stifles innovative outreach even when that’s how something began?

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