Dukes of Hazzard

Went to see “Dukes of Hazzard” last night which I was sooooo looking forward to! Sadly I was really disappointed. It felt like one of the old half hour episodes dragged out to an hour and that didn’t quite work. The inept bully had become all too serious, the innocence sold out to crassness and something got lost along the way. Beau, Luke and indeed Daisy looked the part but the story and writing let them down. The car did rock though, as did the driving …. plenty of tail happy sliding around corners. Even so I still came out of the cinema without that usual post-film buzz.
Before I get accused of merely being unreallistically nostalgiac and hence negative, the teenager who came with me didn’t enjoy it either!
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  1. Shame – I was looking forward to that. Especially having just found the originals on cable whilst flat-sitting for 2 weeks. Shucks! Shall wait for DVD then.

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