CYM Small group tutor

learner plate.jpg I’m a Small Group Tutor for the Oxford Centre for Youth Ministry this year. Yesterday was the get together/training/planning and the like at the start of the new academic year. It’s very interesting to see how many people it takes to make the course happen. Over Quiche (Christian event so it’s compulsory) and crisps I was chatting to Lecturers, Fieldwork supervisors, Line managers, Students and other Small group tutors. It feels like a real privilege to be involved in the process though and I have returned with an entire libraray of handbooks, outlines and the like to get to grips with before I’m let loose on the students.
I light of my debut as a small group tutor ….. anyone had any truly exasperatingly cringingly awful small group experiences that they’d like to share?
“Ok,right, yes, OK, HELLO everbody …. welcome to THE group, perhaps we should each say our names and share why we chose the socks we are wearing today!”

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  1. Quiche isn’t the staple of all Christian events – in my experience, the more charismatic churches have pizza. I don’t know if there’s a direct and plottable correlation between the two or not though… 🙂

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