Church. A time of the signs

Made it to Church on time this morning, not that easy when there are three children to get organised and to a service by 09:45! (If you are thinking, “How hard can that be?” …. you either haven’t got kids or I seriously want some advice from you). It was a Family Service with a Baptism. As a result the HUGE rear projection screen was on the chancel steps and the service was PowerPoint enhanced.
In the middle of the first hymn some teenagers arrived and sat in the row behind us, after a moment or two they started to sign along to the hymn (very cool).
After the service I mustered my limited sign language and said “Good Morning” and introduced myself. They were visiting from a local residential school for the deaf and were great guys. Fortunately one of them had some limited hearing and good lip reading and was able to do quite a bit of translation. Great chat and much hilarity when I indicated that I didn’t understand a sign one of the lads was making ….. not, in fact, a sign at all, he had an itch!
I was SO glad we had the PowerPoint this morning, without that the service would have been totally unaccessible. They’d love to come again but wandered if there was any chance of someone signing from the front …. It would be great if we can deliver on that one!

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  1. We are currently looking at the idea of a projection system in our church although as with all these things we are meeting some opposition if I may I shall use this story to help with our argument. As for the getting to church on time, I struggle with 2 kids for 10:30 so I don’t think I can help really.

  2. Sign language rocks. I loved the deaf worship at Greenbelt and wish I was good enough to help!
    I think all kids should be taught to sign, so that everyone can talk to each other – and it’s useful in a nightclub if no-where else!!

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