Bandwidth theft problems

Could do with some advice from bloggers more technically adept than I am! If that’s you, please read on …
For me the pictures and the writing are both a key part of the blog and I like to illustrate a thought, play with a theme or put something funny in with the text. However I am having major problems (and I’m at the very edge of my understanding here) because other bloggers use the pictures on their sites in such a way that when they are viewed it draws the data from my blog every time. Result is that in uses lots of our bandwidth to support other peoples sites and we get the bill!
If that makes sense to you and you have any advice then I’d love to hear from you as I really don’t want the blog to become text only!

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  1. try googling: how to prevent bandwidth theft blog images
    it throws up some interesting stuff for you to chat about with your webmaster!

  2. Bandwidth theft is pretty straightforward, all the pictures in your page aren’t included with your blog post in the same way as pictures in a word document would be, as all the pictures are separate files that you reference, it is pretty easy for someone else on the web to reference those files too when they use the picture.
    Flickr is a good suggestion – I’m using it for all the photos on our blog now.
    With regards to a solution, you may well find that there is a plugin for your blogging software around that will solve the problem, as it’s pretty common.

  3. Ian,
    On my web hosting there is something called ‘hotlink protection’ which I can enable to choose which (if any) sites can use the images on my servers. As you can imagine this is quite an issue when cartoons are concerned. There was some debate on my site a few weeks ago on the subject:

  4. I’ve found rather less than reliable. seems better – and gives you up to 2GB storage capacity!

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