Zen and the art of surviving Greenbelt

Greenbelt festival rocks! Greenbelt is an awesome awesome event that carb loads the soul and upgrades the heart (it’s also a place that’s so easy going that you can mix metaphors as badly as me and no-one would mind!) Worship, Justice, Laughter and the Tiny Tea Tent!
I know of more newbies who are going than I’ve known for years so in case that’s you I’m starting a Survival guide to Greenbelt below! (If you are an experienced GB’er then add your own wisdom via the comments!) So waddya need to know ……
1. Greenbelt is put together mainly by volunteers, it runs so well you may forget this BUT if the odd thing goes pear-shaped then go easy because there are hundreds of people who give up a wadge of their year to make our weekend happen!
2. For some reason towards the end of August the nights get much colder. If you only have an Argos-esque pseudo sleeping bag take loads of blankets!
3. Bring a woolly hat (see point 2) especially as you will end up in profound conversations in the early hours of the morning and it would be a shame to fail to make a major spiritual/theological discovery ‘cos you were cold!
4. You cannot go to everything (basic temporal laws, too much going on). 4(a) It is also possible to miss everything cause there’s tooo much going on and you never quite commit! If you are taking a youth group then go with them to some stuff and also spend time discussing/planning what others in the group are going to.
5. Spend ages reading the programme and seeing what you really really want go to but leave yourself time for serendipity-like discoveries and impromptu Tiny Tea sessions.
6. If you can do, take food and cooking gear with you! The food kiosks at Greenbelt are fab and a great pick-me-up or treat. However if you plan on just buying all your food from them though you will end up spending an absolute fortune and still feeling peckish.
7. August bank holiday weekends can experience diverse weather (understatement city) be prepared for heatwave or monsoon and anything inbetween.
8. Make sure all your camping kit is there, waterproof etc BEFORE you get to Greenbelt.
9. There are showers you can book but don’t bank on getting one! Baby wipes are genius as a kind of keeping you from stinking alternative! (Blokes make sure you buy the non scented! nuff said!)
10. Queueing is part of Greenbelt ….. don’t come with an impatient attitude or you’ll miss out on loads of the fun.

11. Enough tents for 15,000 or so people is a lot! Make sure you can recognise your tent and remember roughly where you left it
12. Every year there are rumours that suddenly start circulating that “X” is on site or “Y” and are guest appearing or the like. You need to know that their are always these rumours and on the whole they tend to be a) Completely untrue or b) Entirely accurate. (There is no way of knowing which catergory any rumour falls into)
13. If anyone starts telling you how bad the weather was in ’86 or ’94 you can shut them up by reminding them it’s NEVER been as bad as Glastonbury 2005 (piccy below)
Have fun, see you there!

4 Replies to “Zen and the art of surviving Greenbelt”

  1. Ooh, all the writing on your blog after the GB guidelines has got italic! Cool… but weird.
    Thanks very much for those tips. I hope we’ll be able to go after all this – am battling with my conscience about whether to spend yet more of the Bosworth millions to go along, or whether I ought to be really sensible and leave the money in the bank.

  2. Totally and absolutely what I need especially as my camping plans for Greenbelt (as in who I am camping with) seem to have been changing rather drastically recently. Thank you!

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