Youthblog where art thou

I’m looking forward to some great youth work chats over the next couple of weeks at Soul Survivor and Greenbelt. It’s been quiet over August, too quiet.
Am at Soul Survivor ‘B’ on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Then Greenbelt for the whole Bank Holiday weekend
My Walkie Talkie will be on channel 4.12 and there will be a Youthblog flag on the tent. Hope to see you!

3 Replies to “Youthblog where art thou”

  1. Hey Ian Mc’Mears’… don’t have a Walkie Talkie nor will I have a fire for smoke signals… but I do have a mobile and will be at Greenbelt (Soul Survivor me? I doubt it ;-)) so give me a bell (07771925556) I will be slightly shell shocked no doubt after moving on the 22,23rd… being commisioned on the 24th, but that won’t affect the amount of sense I talk (or dont!)

  2. Mark,
    Look forward to seeing you. Sounds like a crazy few days but I’ll buy you the largest coffee that Greenbelt sell and shall look forward to our conversation.

  3. Mate I’d be really interested to hear what you have to say about soul survivor. I tried to keep a moblog while i was there and I’m aware that I came across quite cynical about the whole thing… Hope you have a great time, see you at GB!

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