Voluntary Sector Flexibility

On of my roles at the moment is as a youth worker in a team on a large (and challenging) estate. For various reasons the youth centre needs to re-build its work virtually from scratch. The team are great and we’ve managed to increase provision to not only staff the club night but drop-ins and detached work. The centre’s attendance is growing BUT it’s impossible to work just with the 13+ age group that the govenment and unitary authority have laid down. As is typical of an Estate friendships don’t neccessarily go along age lines and the presence of numerous cousins too means that if you say the under 13 can’t come then the over 13 won’t! As you can imagine too with the centre having to rebuild it’s work, there are not enough 13 plusses that come. Problem!
If this was voluntary sector then I would develop a junior club to build the relationships that will form the 13+ club the year after. However the government and the authority are clear that we are ONLY to be working with 13 plus! Hey Ho!
I’ve also found that three of the lads are quite good at Table Tennis. I reckon this would be a great way to do some work with them and develop their confidence BUT they are not all 13 yet!

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  1. Yes… we had exactly the same issue… especially when trying to work alongside a secondary modern (upper) school… what do you do, ignore the year 7 and 8’s? It also means that the focus is more on cure and less on prevention… it seems to me that alot of the problem lies with the cackhanded setting up of connexions!

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