Spirituality of blogging

How’s this for a cool seminar? Tall Skinny Kiwi is delivering a seminar on the Spirituality of blogging. I recognise a few of the bloggers present, some of whom don’t know each other…. Random moment when I got to introduce a couple of them, obviously there has to be a step before proper names. So this was the act of introducing two bloggers to each other:
Cool but Weird this is Deep Thought
Deep Thought this is Cool but weird!”
… obviously I didn’t introduce them in html but I couldn’t do the quote without including the links 🙂
I was hoping to blog-along with the seminar but the signal kept cutting in and out. It’s probably sensible anyway to wait for Andrew Jones to post his notes as I couldn’t do justice to what was a very inspiring and full seminar. He did a fabulous job of painting a picture of blogs (and other web stuff) as making up a framework of what is the cyber church, from there looking at the opportunities, possibilities and importantly, the responsibilities of our ministry, story telling, commentry and event-recording in cyberspace.
He also revealed that there are now 50 million blogs (eek) which begs the question:
Of all the blogs in all the world, how come you wandered into mine?

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  1. Apologies if this came across as self promotion, not the intention at all but you have a point about how it comes across. Criticism noted and will reflect on it. Thank you for large dose of accoutability “ouch” 🙁

  2. No longer young, she makes her way to the Greenbelt Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse.
    It is a sacred site; full of Celtic ghosts
    and the sense of abiding loss.
    In her mind is the hope that she may be able to rediscover something of the energy of spiritual fascism which so excited her internal juices all those years ago at university.
    She is disappointed. Plenty is happening at Greenbelt, but none of it has to do with energy, spiritual fascism, or internal fluidity.
    What is happening at Greenbelt is the spiritual self-congratulation of materialistic Middle England as it tries to remember what all the fuss was about in the olden days when angels seemed closer, and churchianity seemed more than just gender-posing, and God existed as a vital, immanent and cosmetically expedient fashion accessory.
    To be a survivor at Greenbelt, you have to be an out-of-date post-evangelical.
    And to be an out-of-date post-evangelical, you have to be a card-carrying Associate Member of the human race with a half-finished, unpublished thesis on “God as Dolphin Mother.”
    It is all rather disappointing.
    But, this year, the intense quality of the disappointment is somehow more gratifying than usual.

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