Roving Youth Ministry

Just got back from a kind of Roving Youth Minister type gig. Went up to Cloverley Hall in Shropshire to spend a bit of a time at a Youth Camp. I’d agreed to go to do a preach, be the male leader during a brief gender gap in the leadership cover and also Lifeguard so they could use the rather funky outdoor pool.
cloverley hall.jpg
It’s always fascinating going into a group ‘cold’ and building a rapport with the teenagers, a challenge I love. I often wonder how much this is achieved by skill/experience and how much relies on being perceived as OK(ish)? Each time I do this now I’m trying to see if my age counts against me (downhill towards 39) or not. I have not the slightest doubt that there isn’t an age barrier to youth work in general BUT in terms of having to rapidly develop a rapport and a place in a group I wonder how long I can do this well?
Great bunch of young people though and I had a lot of fun, also a really challenging first aid incident which I was very pleased with in terms of how we handled it.
Random moment on the drive home, passed a sign that read!
“Horse Muck, free to a good home”
What, I wonder, constitutes a good home for manure? What elements would need to be ticked off a checklist before the horse muck would be released to be moved to a new location?

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  1. I think when you spend time with young people you can always build a rapport when meeting new ones,it is when we take time away from young people that the age gap becomes aparent.

  2. Well I’m glad to hear we got a good review!
    You rocked, as you can imagine, and Kubb went down so well we abandoned all our evening sessions (karaoke, quiz, fair trade game, etc) in preference for playing it with various levels of obsession!
    Overall a FAB week in my opinion, though am curently knackered!

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