Pip Wilson’s Blob Tree

Blob clip.jpg
I guess I kind of assume that people have come across the Blob resources by Pip Wilson but they’re so good for group work that I’ll mention them again. If you’re not familiar with Pip’s work then I really recommend “The Stinking Rolling Magazine Book” as he writes really well about how to create open-ness, how to get people to talk about feelings and the importance of valuing “human persons!” Fantastic stuff. Sometimes I come across “youth work” that is so rooted in the formal teaching modality that it has squeezed out youthwork, The Blob Tree is a great antidote and step into participatory group stuff. Anyway I noticed on “Sunday Papers” that Pip has a new book of blob resources. Buy it! The blob tree is one of the few group work tools that works for virtually any age, ability or situation.
Which blob are you today?