Now here’s a leaflet idea

Youth work and information leaflets …… a symbiotic relationship I reckon. I’ve got a pile of leaflets here that are attractive, “cool” and informative on subjects like benefits, connexions, sex, drugs and suicide! (not many positive themes). I also have a new one from West Berkshire on “ASBO’s” that I have to get young people’s opinion on tonight and feedback.
Anyway it got me thinking about a leaflet that we really ought to produce. One aimed at answering the unifying regular question continually asked of youth workers?
Yes, that one:
“What exactly does a youth worker do all day?”
I reckon we should produce a leaflet that can be handed out in response. A bright colourful pamphlet with action photos that gives:
Examples of what we do
Skills and training that we have
Reminds people that ‘yes it is a proper job’
Outlines the challenges we face

What do you reckon? Anything else to add?
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